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The Hands

(Catching, throwing, shooting, stick protection, checks)

We train players what it means to have “soft hands”. Great players’ sticks seem to be extensions of their hands. We want to get to the point where thinking about how to manipulate your stick is no longer an issue – these movements become natural due to proper teaching and practice.

The Feet

Footwork is often ignored by coaches. We emphasize the importance of being an athlete. This doesn’t simply mean being fast. It means being economical with your steps, playing sharp angles, being explosive, being able to move your feet while throwing checks, and opening your hips in a number of situations.

The Eyes

“Keep your head up.”

I probably say this to players more than any other sentence. When players are uncomfortable with their Hand and Foot competencies, it’s hard to play with the head up. Scanning the field is a must.

The Mind

This is what some term, Lacrosse IQ. Anticipation, perception, and situational awareness make up The Mind.

The Heart

Some think that drive and motivation and willingness to go "all-out" are traits players are born with, but by showing players the value of hard work we begin to plant the seed of what it takes to be a selfless teammate. We treat hard work as a skill.